ABOUT kristen


Hi, I'm Kristen - an Integrative Health and Energy Medicine Practitioner. I utilize subconscious healing techniques, neuroscience, and bioenergetics to identify root causes of persistent health concerns while helping you expand your consciousness and step into the fullness of your soul’s purpose. I believe that your our bodies were designed intelligently, innately able to self heal and always working toward healing. With that view, I utilize session time listening, encouraging, and helping you realize how Divinely loved and created you are, and I empower you with tools for long-term emotional and spiritual health.

I often refer to my work as "emotional chiropractic" therapy because when unprocessed life events, traumas, and beliefs remain unprocessed, they cause misalignments in the physical body, brain, and biofield. The side effect is feeling that imbalance physically, behaviorally, and spiritually through impaired physical, psychological, and spiritual functioning. When we release negative subconscious programming, we can realign to Divine Truth and experience healing and balanced health. I have a heart for serving and empowering other healers and health practitioners, families and children, people who are grieving and have experienced trauma, rebirth or near death experiences, and those stuck in addiction and difficult life transitions.

[Our] symptoms are brilliantly intelligent in waking us up.
— Darren Weisman

I have created a proprietary body scanning method that utilizes kinesiology and the frequencies of underlying imbalances that often physical, emotional, and energetic symptoms. Its highly targeted results have helped many individuals feel relief leading to increased healing potential, harmonizing and balancing their bodies, and feeling a new sense of empowerment and purpose!

I am a Certified ThetaTouch Practitoner, have studied to be a Dreamworker through The Dream School, Spiritual Coach, and Plant Medicine Practitioner. I am a member of the Energy Medicine Professional Association, founder of the Nashville Medicine Circle (a collective gathering for practitioners seeking to shift the cultural health narratives in their practices while building community, mindful connection, and doing deep inner work), and founder of the SomaScan psychosomatic kinesiology system.

I provide in-person appointments to adults and children ages 5 and up in the Nashville and Brentwood area and virtual sessions via FaceTime or Skype.