A is for Ancestors

This start to the ABC’s of Emotional Healing series of posts had me pondering for a bit. Why not begin with that which we all come from?

In my experience, family of origin work can be some of the most powerful in the integrative healing journey. It is not just a tool reserved for psychotherapy, but is valuable in considering our overall picture of health: emotional, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. ..
When we don’t know how to name the feelings we experience, it can often be because the grief, pain, or trauma of our ancestors has imprinted upon our DNA. And yes, the spiritual struggles can remain with us too - even hundreds and thousands of years into the future. I do not agree with the term “bad genes,” and would invite you to look at it as wounded DNA....DNA whose adaptation to stressors included the expression of sickness or did-ease.
Is this what you are stuck with? Absolutely not. Quantum biology shows us that we are not a product of our genetics, but of our environments (read one of my favorites, The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton). As we create spaces of healing in our lives - steps of recovery, patterns that skirt the familial norms, ways of feeling and experiencing the pain of life - we program ourselves to function in the NOW instead of reaching into the undesirable inherited genetic data. In other words, we create a healthy and whole reality for ourselves that reprograms our very DNA.

It is true that you truly are the maker of your destiny in terms of health. And so we can honor the experiences of our ancestors - of each one trying to do things better than the last - and press forward on our paths of freedom and wholeness of being.

Kristen Willis