B is for Being

B is for Being
This little 5 letter word is one we use so often and rarely do we really truly absorb or embody what it is to simply be.

Being is the opposite of doing. It’s definition is “the state or quality of having existence.” Being is a feminine word, a Yin to the Yang. Being is the tall grass that gently and softly sways with the wind, but is immovable and strongly rooted. Being is the flower who grows wildly and blooms brightly, never once concerned about matching or outdoing the flora around her.

What lessons nature holds for us to observe and integrate into our collective practice of being! Consider how you might shift from a mindset of productivity and production to one of simple existence. Being is a practice that nurtures absolute presence in the moment. It does not wish for tomorrow or lament over yesterday because it knows what to feel is what is right here.

How does one shift to being when they have been in the mode of doing? Acknowledge feelings that arise rather than suppressing them. Find 10 minutes to sit in stillness. Consider 5 things you are grateful for right now. Sit in your car, put your hand on your chest and BREATHE. Any gentle act that pulls you away from the hustle of doing is one that can draw you closer to living in a state of being.

Kristen Willis