C is for Connection

In each person’s path to wholeness, they must learn what it is to become connected. That connection looks like engagement with their deepest and darkest feelings, connection to past wounds so that they can be healed, connection with their playful and child-like selves, connection with physical bodies and breaths, connection to Divine, connection with others.

In the process of re-learning healthy connection, we often realize what parts of ourselves we have disconnected from because they were too painful to experience or our families of origin never quite knew how to support us in expressing them. Recognizing these parts is a beautiful step in the journey forward.

Reconnection can feel wobbly. It can feel messy. It can mean we make big changes in our lives. It can mean that we separate from relationships, jobs, and places that kept us disconnected. Many people don’t understand it - mostly because they knew us in our disconnected space. ..
The beautiful part of connection? As we reconnect, we become CONSCIOUS and AWAKE. We become AWARE of the actual processes taking place internally and externally, and we can experience life and serve from that space more fully. Connection means we welcome all those processes - even and especially the “funcomfortable” (phrase coined by @danieleisenman - thank you, good sir) stuff. It is the beginning of living a fully embodied life.

Take a few moments of pause to breathe deeply, connect with your body and ask yourself some questions. What can I do today to connect more deeply with myself, Divine, and others? How can I make a welcome space for the parts of myself that I have disconnected from? What will I do this week to honor the places within that need more love and desire to be reconnected with the rest of my being?

Kristen Willis