Using Our Hands in the Healing Process

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” Carl Jung
Why is it that using our hands to create is often the best vehicle to heal from our pain or discomfort? Simply put, this escape from a thinking approach facilitates mobility of emotions and deeply held feelings from the heart space. We see this so clearly in children. Their very existence is that of creation, movement, building, and artistry. We see in them more free expression of feelings and they are commonly more emotionally aware than most adults.

Using our hands gives us an outlet to embody that which we feel. It gives a voice to the subconscious aspect of ourselves - a staggering 90% of our life experiences.

It could be via the Jungian art of sand play (yes, you grown ups too), sculpture, painting, doodling, flower arranging. Think of anything to momentarily disconnect from the left brain and singularly engage the right brain and connect with FEELING space rather than a thinking space. Often our biggest healing breakthroughs come through the expressions we create with our hands.

Kristen Willis