Dream Work

Dreams are a universal language, experienced by every single person on the planet. You could say that dreams are what unify us! In our sleep state, these dreams that come into our consciousness often bring divine messages that we are not aware of in waking life. These divine messengers contain deep wisdom that allow us to access what is stored in the subconscious. Dreamwork is a powerful tool for emotional healing, generational restoration, and spiritual growth. Whether you explore simple imagery or complex stories, the contents of each dream are always personal, pertinent, and wise. As you work dreams, you will see that many of the messages not only facilitate personal growth, but have the potential for mobilizing collective healing as well.

My role in dream work is to accompany and hold space for you through your dreamtime experiences and empower you with the tools to explore your own dreams as well.

Reach out if you'd be interested in working with me to learn more about your dreams or participating in a Nashville or Franklin, TN dream group!