classes, webinars, and retreats

I am passionate about teaching others and empowering them to become their own healers. I offer both virtual and face-to-face classes local to the Nashville area. I also aim to make my classes fun and affordable so education is attainable to those at all income spectrums.

If there is a topic you don't see offered and you have a gathering of 5 or more people that are interested in having me present, please reach out. Also be sure to bookmark this page for the most current offerings and to register for classes.


Self Care for Mamas

Join Kristen for this live webinar that will be held at 8pm CST on Thursday, January 24. You’ll learn about the most common self care roadblocks that most mamas struggle with along with a straightforward roadmap for creating an effective and nourishing self care plan.


Essential oils for love and connection with yourself

You’re probably thinking that’s a funny class title, but the truth is we can’t connect with our partners in a loving and healthy manner if we aren’t first able to do with with ourselves. This webinar will teach you some techniques on better connecting with yourself accompanied by some wonderful essential oils. Class will be on Thursday, January 31 at 8pm CST.



As we move to create new things in our lives, we often bring old mindsets into new creative intentions. This class will focus on how to discard the limiting mindset with perspective shifts so you can positively manifest the life you desire. Class will be on Thursday, February 7 at 8pm CST.