classes, webinars, and retreats

I am passionate about teaching others and empowering them to become their own healers. I offer both virtual and face-to-face classes local to the Nashville area. I also aim to make my classes fun and affordable so education is attainable to those at all income spectrums.

If there is a topic you don't see offered and you have a gathering of 5 or more people that are interested in having me present, please reach out. Also be sure to bookmark this page for the most current offerings and to register for classes.


healer mentorship

Healer Mentorship registration for February 20, 2020 with monthly webinars that offer beginners and seasoned healers alike the opportunity to learn more about connecting with their bodies, subconscious minds, biofields, and emotions. We’ll review topics that include basic muscle testing, subconscious healing, inner child work, ethical practice standards, and connecting with the natural world in your healing journey. See the Healer Mentorship page for more details or contact me to reserve your spot.


Holistic anatomy: examining the subconscious and energetic roots to common health imbalances

New science reveals the startling connection between our emotional and spiritual bodies and our physical ailments. When our lives are not fully experienced and processed on all levels (brain, body, and spirit), we can sometimes experience imbalances and uncomfortable health symptoms. This class will educate you on common health symptoms and the accompanying spiritual/energetic imbalances that can contribute to them.

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navigating grief, trauma, and painful transitions

This webinar is geared to assist individuals who are seeking to gain encouragement and helpful tools to work through pain and grieving emotional seasons. I will offer helpful practices, suggestions for gentle self and family care, and empowerment tools to guide you so you may feel more equipped to wade through the discomfort and pain that accompanies grief and trauma.