Flower Essences


Plants serve the body from a multidimensional perspective, assisting with physical and emotional wellness. There is a brilliant principle called "The Doctrine of Signatures," which states (in layman's words) that a plant's physical form indicates what benefits it brings to the body. This comes into play specifically with flower essences.

Flower essences are solutions made when a flower blossom or plant part is immersed in a basin of pure water and exposed to direct sun or moonlight. Because of the synergistic combination of water's cellular memory and light exposure, each plant leaves a unique imprint on the water. The water is then preserved with brandy or a natural preservative such as Red Shiso, and taken internally. Flower essences are especially suitable for working through and overturning issues rooted in emotional or spiritual imbalances. Their advantage is that they are incredibly symptom-specific and also very gentle. I use a variety of brands of flower essences, and can personally share recommendations upon consultation.

For specific health concerns, schedule a session with me, and we will explore complimentary flower essences.