Integrative Healing

My belief is that the human body was created beautifully and perfectly, with a impression of the Divine. All bodies are made to function as an interconnected system of mind, body, and soul, with each part being equally important to the overall health of the whole.  Over time, many of us have disconnected from or forgotten this truth without even realizing it. Our integrated bodies are still intact, but many people feel imbalanced and have a deep desire for belonging and reconnection to Creator. It is from this understanding that I developed my practice for integrative healing.

After utilizing traditional therapy methods, many people still find themselves struggling with persistent physical ailments, limiting beliefs, and negative life patterns. Over 90% of our life experiences are stored in the subconscious mind and corresponding areas of the energetic body or biofield where many individuals and healthcare practitioners cannot see what is going on. Using kinesiology, I partner with you to identify the layers of old “programs” that keep you in a state of dis-ease.  Once these root causes are addressed, they can be resolved and new healthy truths can be introduced and integrated into the mind, body, and spirit. In sessions I incorporate varied elements of deep personal work, psychosomatic therapy, brainwave therapy, dream analysis, affirmations, Eidetic image visualization psychology, and plant-based remedies.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to schedule a complimentary 15 minute discovery call.

Your emotions and your spiritual connection are intimately tied to your physical body. They are together. They are one.
— Dr. Kelly Turner of Radical Remission