Self healer mentorship

It is my firm belief that we were all created as beings who are 100% body, mind, and soul. We were made to live our lifes in union with these aspects of ourselves, and to understand the language of our bodies. Over time and years and generations, many have lost this innate connection while still having a deep inner feeling that they were meant to live life in greater resonance with themselves and others.

I too noticed these things in my own journey from confused life participant to confident practitioner, and I believe we were all meant to be our own self-healers, living in close connection with the Divine, and using our innate gifts to stay well and help others on their healing journeys too.

This mentorship is offered three times annually to people who are looking to broaden their self-healing tools and awareness of the connection between their bodies and biofields. It is is divided into 2 sections so people can build on their skills and knowledge and move forward as desired. Each section is $555 and includes certification upon completion.

Each module lasts 5 months and consists of monthly group instructional webinars and additional one-on-one virtual calls. The goal is to become more knowledgeable about self, body, and build the confidence to step into informed care of self and clients or family.

Section 1: Essentials

This section includes the following modules:

  • foundations of muscle testing yourself and others

  • learning the human biofield/how to maintain healthy energetic boundaries

  • basics of the subconscious mind

  • how suppressed energetic imbalances manifest emotionally & physically

  • theta subconscious healing basics

  • how to identify imbalances

  • guidelines for ethical self healing and helping others

  • dreamwork basics

  • case studies and analysis

Section 2: Advanced Techniques & Plant Medicine

This section includes the following modules:

  • kinesiology and remedy selection

  • plant medicine basics

  • remedy form in relation to healing benefits

  • neuroplasticity and visualization therapy

  • visualization therapy techniques

  • advanced theta subconscious healing techniques

  • advanced dreamwork & symbolism

  • case studies and analysis

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
— Nikola Tesla