guiding principles of my work

The healing process is a journey and I encourage you to be patient and gentle with yourself as you release the old and make room to step into your personal new paradigm. Contrary to the common belief that change and healing come with struggle and hardship, I believe the process is one that can be filled with ease and grace.

These are the principles behind my work:

  • Your Body Is Intelligently Designed to Be Well. Our bodies are constantly working toward health and wellness even when they are holding imbalances. Integrative energy medicine works with the body's innate ability to self-correct and can restore balance to all systems.

  • Your Body is Energetic In Nature. Our atomic structures are 99.9999999% energetic, with those atoms absorbing and emitting waves light at all times. This means that our physical bodies only account for .0000001% of our being!

  • Cultivating Your Personal Vibration Helps You Cultivate Health. Every thought, emotion, and cell in the body hold a frequency that promotes or hinders health. Low vibrational patterns promote and attract sickness, while high vibrational patterns do the opposite. Our personal vibrations act as magnets for our health condition.

  • Everything Is Connected. Consciousness, the energy body, and physical body are inseparable. Because of this, our life experiences must be processed to maintain health. 95% of those experiences are stored subconsciously where we are unaware of them. Tapping into stuck mental programs, epigenetic patterns, traumas, unprocessed emotions, and life experiences allows for deep release and wellness.

  • Your Body Stores Imbalances in Layers. These layers are like a timeline starting from the present day back through childhood, time in utero, and epigenetic experiences. Negative experiences hold frequencies that cause dysfunction that can ripple through the layers and manifest in chronic patterns of dis-ease and imbalance of emotions, body, and spirit. Positive frequencies have the opposite effect and a healthy vibration can shift health on many layers of a person's being.

I do both in-person and virtual appointments. Virtual appointments have the advantage of extending service across time zones and state lines and are held via FaceTime or Skype. Face-to-face appointments are available to anyone in the Nashville area. Both appointment types are equally effective and designed to serve an array of needs.

The moment you change your perception is the moment you change the chemistry of your body.
— Bruce Lipton