All appointments require a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation. If cancellation is made after the 24 hour mark, the full session cost is due. Thank you for respecting this so I can serve you with mindfulness and presence.

Children’s Session

Children’s sessions typically last from 30-45 minutes to best honor younger attention spans. Based on the reason for the visit, we set an intention for desired outcome, use biofeedback to determine where blocks are inhibiting balance in the child, and proceed with the session utilizing the gentlest and most effective tools for your child.

Dream Session

Dream sessions are usually 1 hour in duration. You present the dream(s) or dream images that feel like they most need a voice, and with respect and intention, we dive into projecting on them. Available in person or virtually.

Healer Tune-Up

These sessions offer comprehensive support for healers, health practitioners, health coaches, and those in ministering roles. We target all the blocks that are keeping you from serving optimally then spend the session exploring and bringing balance to each area. Tune-ups are typically 1 hour and a half in length.

Integrative Healing

First visit: $155

Consecutive sessions: $110

These visits are designed to help you establish overall balance and also target specific mind-body goals and areas where spiritual growth is desired. I use kinesiology to determine where your blocks are, then a variety of therapeutic techniques to help return everything to its healthiest and most balanced state. First visits are an hour and 20 minutes and consecutive vists are 60 minutes long.

Women’s Health

First visit: $155

Consecutive sessions: $110

An initial session helps women by assessing the mind/body/spirit connection in relation to the physical reproductive system and hormones. These visits can help rebalance womb with life purpose, identify and release blocks that are hindering feminine expression and creation, and harmonize and balance relationship with the divine expression within.

Plant Medicine/Essential Oils Consult

These consults are designed for the person looking to get natural, non-toxic plant-based solutions into their home. I take time with you to match up oils with the specific health concerns you have and walk you through placing an order or setting up your very own account.