Kristen's presence in my life has been pure gift, pure grace. She is my healer, spiritual therapist and life cheerleader, all in one! Before I began working with Kristen, I did not have enough support in these (most important) areas of my life. It is an incredible feeling to finally have the support I always needed, especially when navigating my health and wellness, family and relationship challenges and my spiritual journey. I am located a whole time zone away in NY, so we meet virtually, but there is no feeling of distance. Endless thanks for sharing your gifts with me!

Virtual client in New York


I’m so grateful for you and your gift. I feel like finally, after years of trying, my body, my soul, spirit, all of me is ready to embrace healing and to heal. I’m making huge strides in our work together and I just can’t say thank you enough for the support you provide me. 

client in Tennessee


“48 hours after your work, I suddenly got hunger pains. I haven’t felt hungry in months! The difference/improvement is undeniable. Nausea is almost completely gone without needing enzymes. My body is feeling more regularity and my appetite is back up to what it was with my previous pregnancies. I’m so thankful. Thank you for helping facilitate the healing!”

Pregnant Mama in Tennessee


“Kristen is so amazingly intuitive and has the most nurturing and healing energy about her.  I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed when I first saw her and was unsure what the whole experience might be like. She put my mind at ease immediately and told me exactly what to expect. I felt a deep sense of peace the minute we began the session. She was able to recognize issues I was having that I wasn’t even fully in tune with. The minute she mentioned them though it was exactly what I knew subconsciously was happening but had not been able to pin point on my own. After just one session with her my whole being felt lighter and more peaceful and my blood pressure went down. I was better equipped to navigate tricky relationships in my life and had a deep sense of peace in situations that normally trigger me. Every time I have seen her since, she has helped me grow spiritually and become more in tune with my inner voice. I cannot recommend her more highly as she has a true gift to see what our body and spirits really need. My relationships with my kids, my partner and myself have been forever changed because of the energy healing work I have done with Kristen.”


“I love working with Kristen! Processing and working through dreams with her is my favorite. The work we do allows me to release the judgment and fear I have around my crazy, wild dreams, and understand them better. She helps me see that they don’t have to own me, they can teach me.”

virtual client IN CALIFORNIA

"Kristen is one of the most gifted intuitive healers I have ever worked with. Her presence is deeply calming and restoring, and she has a knack for getting to the underlying issue quickly and accurately. In each of the sessions that we've had together, I've left with new insights and the sense of weight having been lifted. After our most recent session, I felt far more hopeful and at peace with a situation that's been challenging me for quite a while - solutions that had been invisible before appeared easily. Kristen is truly a blessing for anyone who is lucky enough to cross her path."

virtual client IN NORTH CAROLINA


"Kristen Willis is a skilled and brilliant intuitive practitioner. Her ability to hold space, listen deeply, and apply the tool needed for change has been transformational and life changing for me. She is a blessing in my life and an integral part of my regular support team."



"Kristen has been such a valuable practitioner in my healing journey! Her kindness and wisdom are invaluable. She has gently met me in times of my greatest fears and regrets and encouraged me in uncovering my deepest joys! She has helped guide me to stillness and recognizing the intricate voice of my own heart and soul. I am so thankful for Kristen and love this ongoing adventure of growth that we uncover together."



"I had searched for many years, and saw several doctors for help with issues that I had suffered with for a long time. When I felt like I had lost all hope, I turned to the world of natural cures, which then led me to essential oils. Now I can't imagine my life without them. Kristen taught me all about the healing power of plant medicine, and patiently answered all of my questions. She even worked with me to design a daily regimen specifically for my needs. Oils have become a part of my daily beauty and wellness routine and it has been a joyful learning process. Self-healing is empowering and I learned this thanks to Kristen's expertise, gentle guidance, and encouragement. I trust her knowledge and recommendations fully!" 

virtual client IN NEW YORK


"I don’t even know where to begin. My son was limping at 17 months old, we thought he had a sprained ankle, but were told he either had leukemia or juvenile arthritis. Over the next several days we were in the hospital trying to figure out exactly what was wrong. We were in a very scary place and the only person I reached out to, besides the doctors in the hospital, was Kristen. She has such a broad knowledge of illnesses and holistic medications. I knew she would not judge my decisions, whether I went with holistic or modern medicine, or a little of both. She truly cares about the patient’s wellbeing. She introduced us to several oils and remedies that we use to this day, nearly 2 years later. Our son was diagnosed with JIA, which is an autoimmune disease. Other children with his disease are constantly sick, but our son is rarely sick, doctors are always shocked. I know for a fact that the information and knowledge that Kristen provided us and the decisions we are making from that are keeping our son well. I would recommend Kristen to anyone. Kristen has changed our lives for the better and I cannot speak more highly of her!"