Balance, Harmony, Unity for your Mind, Body, Soul

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If you find yourself seeking more in your life, with the desire to recover your most healthy and vibrant self, then you are on what many call the homecoming journey. This is the path to wholeness, fullness, and health freedom!

In my work, I partner with you to identify your layers of limiting beliefs, unconscious internal programming, and the patterns that could be holding you back emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I hold space for you to honor and release your broken pieces while inviting in and creating room for your best health, balanced emotions, and your most authentic true self expression. 


Integrative Healing

In the quest for wellness and wholeness of being, many people forget that the mind, body, and soul are intrinsically interconnected and intended to operate in sacred oneness. You could be someone who has suffered from chronic illness. Or maybe you desire to feel unburdened emotionally. Perhaps you have a deep soul longing to feel purpose and passion in your life. As you seek to create new healthy patterns in each of these areas (and more), I guide you through techniques that bring harmony to them all.


Healer Tune Up

Every now and then care providers find themselves feeling a little imbalanced and in need of some recalibration in order to effectively meet with and serve their patients, clients, and team. A healer tune up is for practitioners, wellness advocates, coaches, doctors, therapists, alternative care providers, and ministers. In each session, I help you identify areas where you may be experiencing blocks that are impacting your ability to effectively help others heal. We then use various therapeutic techniques to release the blocks and enable your full alignment, objective care, and freedom from projection onto clients.


Dream Work

Dream work is an invaluable psychological tool that can help an individual gain understanding into their psyche as well as receive deep insights to guide their personal healing journeys. Dreams are a bridge between our unconscious selves and the waking world. I offer dream work in one-on-one sessions as well as via webinars. Reach out if you'd like to explore your dream life a bit further!


Spiritual Mothering & Mentoring


In a culture that is removed from the idea of a village of support, Spiritual Mothering brings men and women individualized care, mentoring, and encouragement at any point in their emotional or spiritual journeys.

Spiritual Mothering sessions occur in a one-on-one setting and include times of deep listening, centering prayer, and reflection. The goal of this kind of work is to help you reclaim the most vital, real, and authentic parts of yourself while releasing the blocks that are holding you back. 

Topics we cover include recovery from guilt, shame, fear, codependence, low self-worth/low regard for others, how to step into service, and recovery from church trauma.


Children's Sessions

Children are our beautiful, bright future. Empowering them by teaching them about healthy connection to their emotions and spirituality is of the utmost importance. Special sessions just for little ones can help to empower them where they may feel stuck emotions, feelings of fear around self-expression, and the beginnings of codependent behavior among other things. The goal of working with children is to facilitate healing and freedom to feel and verbalize emotions within the home and beyond.


Bioresonant Aromatherapy

Your body uniquely functions at many different and interconnected levels. I've created sessions where I work with you through biofeedback to craft custom aromatherapy blends whose biological composition best resonates with your physical, emotional, and spiritual biology. Additionally, if you're looking to dive into the world of essential oils and would like to learn what oils fit your unique body chemistry, I offer free consultations for this as well!



Learn More

If you're interested in learning more about my wellness approach or receive a 20 minute complimentary session, please click the button below. Just sit in a comfy spot and we'll chat about the best way I can serve you. I'm looking forward to it!