What to Expect in a Session

Every appointment is personalized for your needs, therefore no two sessions are alike. Each session can include varied elements of deep personal work, psychosomatic therapy, theta brainwave subconscious therapy, dream analysis, Eidetic image visualization psychology, coaching, and plant-based remedies.

Elements present in all sessions are:

- a brief notation of health history at the first session

- identifying your desires for physical, emotional, and spiritual health outcome

- a time of silence and setting intention

- body scan and biofeedback/kinesiology to determine exactly what your body needs

* sessions with children are typically no longer than 30 minutes in length.

The healing process is a journey and I encourage you to be patient and gentle with yourself as you release the old and make room to step into your personal new paradigm. Contrary to the common belief that change and healing come with struggle and hardship, I believe the process is one that can be filled with ease and grace.

I do both in-person and virtual appointments. Virtual appointments have the advantage of extending service across time zones and state lines and are held via FaceTime or Skype. Face-to-face appointments are available to anyone in the Nashville area. Both appointment types are equally effective and designed to serve an array of needs.

The moment you change your perception is the moment you change the chemistry of your body.
— Bruce Lipton