Women’s health sessions

cycle regularity, Fertility & CREATION

A woman’s womb is her creative center and the place from which life flows forth. It is also connected with her ability to create new life experiences for herself. Often cycle imbalances and fertility concerns indicate subconscious imbalances that have contributed to this area becoming disconnected from the rest of the body. Old subconscious beliefs, epigenetic patterns, fears, worth issues, and overall wonder can actually inhibit cycle regularity and fertility. Using kinesiology, we discover the root cause of the imbalances, paving the way for healthy clearing of them and making space for new creation to unfold.


A pregnancy loss at any stage can feel devastating and the trauma, grief, and sadness can linger in the body and have lasting effects on mental health and the biofield. In sessions for moms and dads who are grieving, I provide deep listening, a safe space to feel the grief, and integrative solutions for processing and healing. Every person’s recovery time is different and beautiful, and my perspective is that it should be self-defined and honored deeply.

Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum

Pregnancy is such a transformative time for women because their bodies and spirits are literally transforming as they hold the body and being of the little one inside. Emotions can feel unsteady during this time, and subconscious issues often manifest in uncomfortable health symptoms, deficiencies, pain, discomfort, nausea, and difficult feelings. As a woman prepares for birth, she often faces family and cultural expectations (many of which are also subconscious/unspoken) of what her experience should look like. These expectations can bring stress and anxiety for a mama as she considers how she can make her voice heard, feel empowered, and make informed choices that honor her truth and individuality with her shifting self identity. Sessions for pregnant and postpartum mamas address imbalances causing uncomfortable feelings and physical sensations, and help bring mamas into a grounded, present, and harmonized state from the inside out.

Experienced Moms & Empty Nesters

Women who are mothers may be struggling with balancing their role as mother with their soul purpose, looking to move beyond unhealthy generational patterns. All aspects of motherhood (whether resulting in a living child or a loss) hold huge energetic shifts that are ever-changing from postnatal to the empty nest years. I’m excited to help you identify what is holding you back from fully feeling your joy, purpose, and knowing your beauty!

Artists & Makers

Women who are not biological mothers carry the energy of motherhood too! Whether mothering a concept, a project, or a work of art, any new creation requires a fertility phase, conception, carrying the creation to full term, and giving birth to it. Sessions for creatives include identifying creative blocks and subconscious misalignments so your amazing creations can be experienced and brought into the world.

All Sessions Include:

  • combined integrative healing, energy medicine, and emotional health coaching

  • uncovering and removing the subconscious blocks and deeply held beliefs that could be negatively affecting you

  • rebalancing your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and aligning you to the truth of who you are and all that you are meant to be