THE POWER OF the subconscious

Did you know that the beliefs your body holds at the deepest level of your being actually shape your physical health? Cutting edge science has revealed that our subconscious responses to life act like computer programming for our bodies, and are powerful enough to shape our spiritual and cellular structures and DNA. When symptoms present, the body is telling us that something is out of alignment. The imbalance could be physical, emotional, or spiritual (in your biofield). Through integrative health work, kinesiology, and energy medicine, I help you realign so you can experience balance, alignment, and health freedom.

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Integrative healing is a therapy that brings unity and harmony to your mind, body, spirit, and soul. As you seek to create new healthy patterns in each of these areas, I guide you through techniques that can help uncover buried layers of chronic health imbalances and bring emotional unburdening, in a sense helping you learn to be at home in your own body and life experiences. I especially enjoy helping patients find relief for persistent ailments that standard medicine and psychotherapy have not brought relief to.


Essential oils

Ancient cultures honored the wisdom and efficacy present in plant remedies, and most of our modern day medicines are made from synthetic versions of these organic powerhouses. I believe that medicine from our earth contains powerful properties that keep our bodies in homeostasis and can bring restoration to infinite health concerns.


Dream work is a beautiful tool for bringing subconscious patterns and buried feelings and emotions into conscious awareness. In dream sessions, we discuss dreams of all kinds and then decipher what insights they hold as Divine messengers to assist you in your healing journey.

Kristen is one of the most gifted healers I have ever worked with. Her presence is deeply calming and restoring, and she has a knack for getting to the underlying issue quickly and accurately . . . Kristen is truly a blessing for anyone who is lucky enough to cross her path. 
— Virtual Client in North Carolina
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Realign and harmonize your mind, body, and soul

If you’ve experienced a persistent health issue that you just can’t seem to shake, it may be time to look into an alternative healing approach. Through a variety of methods from plant medicine to visualization work to brainwave reprogramming and much more, I can help you release the subconscious blocks keeping you from healing and wholeness.


women’s health sessions

The physical and emotional changes that accompany womanhood - from cycle imbalances to fertility awareness and preparation for baby to the passages of pregnancy, postpartum, loss, and empty nest - bring huge shifts. This can feel overwhelming and it’s not uncommon for subconscious imbalances to make themselves painfully apparent during this time. If you’re looking to boost your fertility, address cycle irregularities, receive emotional support through your pregnancy and birthing experience, process a loss, or manage the complex emotions that come with motherhood, this session is for you!

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Occasionally care providers need recalibration in order to effectively serve their patients, clients, and team. In these sessions, I help you identify blocks that are impacting your ability to effectively help others heal. We then use various therapeutic techniques to release the blocks and enable your full alignment, objective care, and freedom from projection onto clients.

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Children are our beautiful, bright future. Special sessions can help empower kids where they may feel stuck emotions, feelings of fear around self-expression, and the beginnings of codependent behavior among other things. The goal of working with children is to facilitate healing and the freedom to feel and verbalize emotions within the home and beyond.

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classes & webinars

Kristen teaches classes in person and via webinar on health topics including emotional health, how to safely and effectively use plant-based remedies, emotional healing, and personal development.



If you’ve been wanting to better understand the relationship between body, mind, and soul while gaining empowerment by learning self-healing techniques, this one-on-one mentorship might be great for you!

Every time I have seen her she has helped me grow spiritually and become more in tune with my inner voice. I cannot recommend her more highly as she has a true gift to see what our body and spirits really need. My relationships with my kids, my partner and myself have been forever changed because of the energy healing work I have done with Kristen.
— Client in Nashville, Tennessee